Concerned about a possible spider bite?  Here are some links to non-sensationalistic websites with "for information only" articles. .

Timid around spiders? Photographs of a very non-threatening Brachypelma smithi tarantula from across the room to within touching distance. See here.

Troubled by what may be Brown Recluse spiders? See the perp lineups.

Jumping spider, may be Thiodana sylvanus. Here. And here. Back of the cephalothorax here

Contrast Tegenaria to Coras spiders.  See point by point comparison.

Undercover spider.  See what I found.

Avicularia braunshauseni photographs

On the cage glass

Wolf spider visited my bathtub, got in trouble with soapy water. All is well.

Paraphiddipus aurantius photographs:

Rear view on leaf

Looking down from leaf

Climbing off leaf

Side view climbing onto flower

Top down on flower

Right turn on flower

Left turn on flower

Looking into camera from flower

Back view

Front view

From above

From above (darker)

Three-quarter view

Hogna punctulata photographs:

photo one

photo two

photo three

photo four

photo five

photo six

photo seven

photo eight

photo nine

photo ten

Hibana photographs:

photo one

photo two

Sac Spider identification:

photo one hanging upside-down—note spinnerets

photo two hanging upside-down—note that rear legs are longer than front legs

photo three underside through glass—note that only rearmost pair of legs have prominent spines

photo four underside—cropped—epigynum is fairly clear

photo five underside—hanging on glass—spinnerets pointing toward camera

photo six rear view—descending white surface—note spinnerets are tightly grouped—good view of pattern on rear part of abdomen

photo seven side view—out of focus—note contour of abdomen

photo eight side view—against white surface—out of focus

photo nine side view—hanging from glass—white background—note that front aspect of cephalothorax seems almost circular

photo ten front view—standing on gingko leaf—note characteristic position/attitude of pedipalps

photo eleven top-front view—note slight depression at center of cephalothorax

photo twelve similar to eleven—note () pattern on cephalothorax, and its "echos" on the abdomen. Pedipalps are clear.

photo thirteen similar to the previous two—note clear banding of legs

Spider found hiding under litter. Digital microscope strongly accentuated with blue and violet.

Photo one This view of the spider was not made in natural light. Under natural light this spider appears dark brown or black.

Photo two A second view, also not under natural light.

Photo three This a diagram made by accentuating the eyes found in one photo.

Another Sac spider, a male this time.

Photo one

Photo two

Photo three


Amauraubiidae or Clubionidae eye pattern?

地 蛛科 1

地 蛛科 2

地 蛛科 3

地 蛛科 4

‪ クサグモ1‬

‪ クサグモ2‬

‪ クサグモ3‬

‪ クサグモ4‬