T. domesticaTegenaria
C. medicinalisCoras
By sanja565658 («собственная работа»)
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High resolution view
By 03denali (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
High resolution view of another specimen
8 eyes in two rows, slightly curved or straight
Amaurobiidae: 8 eyes in two rows
Spinnerets (see "Tegenaris 3" below)
Spinnerets: long PLS
Legs often banded; 3 claws; richly covered with spines
Legs not banded; 3 claws
Abdomen: frequently has chevron pattern
Abdomen: most often has chevron pattern
Lifestyle: funnel web
Lifestyle: litter on the ground; small web with radial elements

Additional views:

Tegenaria 2 note how spinnerets are widely separated and held parallel to each other, and relatively heavy cover of spines on legs

Coras 2 note how the outermost spinnerets angle in toward each other and how minimal the leg spines are.

Tegenaria 3 note spinnerets in ventral view.

Coras 3 eye pattern

Coras 4 another picture that seems to have a trace of its web. Note how legs show virtually no spines.

Tegenaria gigantea 4 note "bottle brush" spines on all legs.

Coras 5 A very clear picture from the side and slightly to the rear. 

Tegenaria agrestis 5 Note velvet covering of abdomen.