Recent studies in meditation that relate to combat issues.

Bridging the hemispheres in meditation: Thicker callosal regions and enhanced fractional anisotropy (FA) in long-term practitioners.
Eileen Ludersa, Owen R. Phillipsa, Kristi Clarka, Florian Kurthb, Arthur W. Togaa, Katherine L. Narra
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Meditation Practices for Health: State of the Research
University of Alberta Evidence-based Practice Center, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Mental Training Enhances Attentional Stability: Neural and Behavioral Evidence
Antoine Lutz1, Heleen A. Slagter1,3, Nancy B. Rawlings2, Andrew D. Francis1, Lawrence L. Greischar1, and Richard J. Davidson1
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Does Mindfulness lead to neuroplasticity?
Micah Allen
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Effects of Meditation Training On Attentional Networks
Aditi A. Joshi
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How Does Mindfulness Meditation Work? Proposing Mechanisms of Action From a Conceptual and Neural Perspective
Britta K. Hölzel, Sara W. Lazar, Tim Gard, Zev Schuman-Olivier, David R. Vago, and Ulrich Ott
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Intensive Meditation Training Improves Perceptual Discrimination and Sustained Attention
Katherine A. MacLean, et al.
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Meditation Increases the Depth of Information Processing and Improves the Allocation of Attention in Space
SaravanLeeuwen, WolfSinger, and LuciaMelloni
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Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training: A Case Study of a High-Stress Predeployment Military Cohort
Elizabeth A. Stanley, John M. Schaldach, Anastasia Kiyonaga, Amishi P. Jha
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New Horizons in the Neuroscience of Consciousness
edited by Elaine K. Perry, Daniel Collerton, Fiona E.N. LeBeau, Heather Ashton
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