Pictures on one roll of film from when I lived at a residential compound near Gong Guan in Taipei.

Bamboo raft
Eight long lengths of bamboo, some cross bars, and you've got a 竹筏 zhú fá. Pity I don't remember where they were going.
I'm not sure where I was when I took this picture, but the turbulence indicates a river I think. There must be a third person
who is out of the picture on this end and propelling the raft with a long pole.

down from wu lai tourist area

I think this was what I saw as I was following the stream down from the tourist area at Wu Lai, just below the waterfall,
to the swimming hole where the Aborigines liked to hang out.

Dan Shui Boat Rental Area 1
Along the banks of the Dan Shui River, there were several businesses that rented rowboats by the hour.
This must have been on a weekday, because I was about the only visitor. In the background there is a
noodle shop on the left. I can't make out what the other signs say.

DanShui Rowboats 2
Toward the right you can see a sign for "Black Pine Soda Pop," a famous soft drink
with an enormous amount of carbonation. To bad it isn't exported.

Roboats 3
As you can see, there were some adults around, but I think they were the proprietors.

near the swimming area
This must be Zhang Hui-ling.

X and I
I think this must be Yang Hai-ming and I. He was a close friend of Zhang Hui-ling, and
his sister Zhang Hui-min, who probably took this picture.

my house
This is the first house I ever rented. It is next door to the landlord's place.

my desk at Du Li Xin Cun
This was my bamboo desk where I did my homework.

fan in window
Being a "rich American," I treated myself with a Ta Tong electric fan.
To its left is my bamboo bookcase, and left of that is a thermos jug,
a necessity for anybody living in Taiwan in the 1960s.

A visitor from the bamboo yard next to Independence.
My landlord and landlady had two boys. Where did this girl come from? Maybe from the business
just down the road that sold bamboo. Their kids were always friendly with me.

Can you see my bed?
Can you see my bamboo bed? It is leaning up against the wall to
the right of the electric fan. I liked to tell all the little kids who
came to see me that I slept on it at night by hanging upside down
by my heels from the top of the bamboo structure. Actually I put
it down and supported it on a chair and a wooden foot locker.

The fortune teller
Many people lived in Independence Village. This gentleman is a fortune teller. I never noticed
any clients come to get their fortunes told, so I'm not sure where he conducted his business.

the son
After so many years, I am not 100% sure, but I think this is
the elder son of the landlord and landlady. That must be a
popsickle he is eating.
lao da
Here he is again. I think he resembles his father.

20  lao er
This, then, would be the younger brother.

獨立新村 Independent New Village was run by an Army non-com and his wife. It's like
a motel for people with bicycles.