Famous Works in Chinese Philosophy

莊子與至人 Zhuang Zi and the Fully Realized Human. Author: Zhuang Zhou (Scroll down and get free-to-upload PDF.) This is a translation of chapters 1-7 and chapter 17.

Deeper than Languages Lie Daoism's Roots A study of the Daoists' understanding of how human creative powers create concepts.

道德經 Dao De Jing. Author: Lao Zi (Scroll down and get free-to-upload PDF.)

孫子兵法 Master Sun's Art of War. Author: Sun Wu (Scroll down and get a free-to-upload PDF.)

論語  Analects  Author: Kong Zi (Confucius)

墨子、小取  Xiǎo Qǔ chapter of the Mò Zǐ , early study of logic and set theory written by followers of Mò Zǐ.

存性編 The Preservation of Human Nature, by 顏元 (1637-1704). This translation was made with the original line-by-line supervision of my translation by Derk Bodde, and later, as an intended doctoral dissertation, received attention at all levels from Allyn Rickett, Hiroshi Miyaji, and Dale Saunders, all professors on my dissertation committee.

朱子語類,卷一,by 朱熹 1130-1200.